Gracie is a natural leader, speaker and role model.  As a regular speaker with Girl's Support Network, Gracie brings her life experiences to light as she courageously shares her story with passion, insight and even humor, inspiring all of us to work hard through life's difficulties.  Her youth leadership is invaluable, her positive attitude is compelling, and her desire to give back is generous and from the heart. We are so fortunate to know Gracie and have her be a part of our program and our lives.

Joy Robinson

Founding Director

Girl's Support Network, Inc.

Gracie Doran is an amazing woman.  She has shared her struggles in her life at Ability Awareness Days at Oak Grove, Moulton, Crown Valley Elementary school and Aliso Viejo Middle School.  I am very humbled and honored to know her personally.  Despite her busy school schedule, she is always willing to participate in these assemblies and share both her abilities and disabilities.  Through her talks, pictures and videos she teaches the students perserverance.  She instills in students "to not give up" despite adversities in their lives.  The students appear to resonate with Gracie because of her age.  It is a very emotional and heartwarming experience to watch.


Mercedes F. Wagner

Crown Valley Elementary PTA Special Education Representative 

Community Advisory Committee CUSD

I've had the pleasure of working with Gracie Doran in her capacity as a volunteer and spokesperson for the American Heart and Stroke Association for several years.  Gracie is an eloquent, powerful and captivating speaker who touches the heart of everyone she meets and shares her story with.  She has been instrumental in local and national efforts to raise awareness of stroke in children.  As a person, she is one of the most inspirational and courageous young women I know.  She lives her life with purpose and positivity, you cant help but follow her lead.

Kristine Kelly

American Heart and 

Stroke Association

Senior Communications 


Dear Gracie:

Thank you so much for coming to talk to the Medical students today.  Your generosity in sharing your experience is very much appreciated.  You see, students are habituated to learn science and medicine.  But what you brought to the table is something that no book will teach them.  That is inner strength and humility, generosity and smarts.  You are contributing to learn what is important in life in general and their life as future physicians.  That is, respect and appreciation for patients and human beings.  This is precious and I thank you for it.

All the best,

Ana Solodkin, MD

University of California, Irvine